Postal, Zip code 56535 Located at Erskine, MN, Red Lake - Details Check

Updated: 27-03-2023

Erskine (MN) zip Code is 56535. zip Code is also known as Postal Code. Erskine is located in state MN, United States.

Find Zip Code 56535 postal Details

ZIP code 56535 is located in Erskine MN in the United States.

Postal Code/Zip Code 56535 Latest update city Erskine, MN

Zip code




State Code



Red Lake, United States

Postal Locations

Erskine, MN - Zip Code is - 56535


United States Postal Service (USPS).

Delivery Type

Package Delivery and first class mail.

What's my Erskine postal code?

Erskine Postal Code/Zip Code is 56535, Erskine Postal Locate at Erskine, MN, Red Lake, usa.

About Zip Code 56535, Erskine, (MN)

Zip Code 56535, Erskine, Post Office is a United States Postal Service (USPS) facility in Erskine, (MN) This post office offers a full array of services, including package delivery and first class mail.

The United States Postal Service is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States, including its insular areas and associated states.The United States Post Office Department was the predecessor of the United States Postal Service, in the form of a Cabinet department, officially from 1872 to 1971. It was headed by the postmaster general.

The Zip Code code 56535 is Located in Erskine, MN, Red Lake, in the United States.

Erskine MN Postal Code Details Table

Zip Code City State Country
56535 Erskine MN Red Lake

Erskine, MN, Red Lake, Zip code is 56535, in the United States..

What is a ZIP code in Erskine?

Erskine is a 56535 A ZIP code (Zone Improvement Plan code) is a number added to your address for the sake of speeding up the process and ensure the accuracy of delivery services. Zip code is 56535 It is commonly used by Erskine Post office (Erskine Postal code) and other mail services in delivering postal mail.

What are ZIP codes based on?

As of 1963, zip codes' numbers are determined by a few factors: the area, the regional postal facility and the local zone. The first number of the five-digit code signifies the region which the address is located in, a number that grows from the east coast to the west, if your address is Erskine, MN so your zip code details is 56535.

The United States Postal Service's Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) evaluates potential subjects for U.S. postage stamps and reports its recommendations to the Postmaster General, who makes the final decision.

What are ZIP codes based on?

US ZIP Code Areas (Three-Digit) represents the first three digits of a ZIP Code, These digits, in conjunction with the first digit, Represent a Sectional Center facility or a mail processing facility area.

What is the zipcode of Erskine, MN?

Erskine MN zip code is 56535.

What is the Postal Place of Zip Code 56535?

Zip Code 56535 Postal Place at Erskine, MN, United States of America.

What is the ZIP postal code for USA?

A ZIP Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Introduced in 1963, the basic format consisted of five digits. In 1983, an extended ZIP+4 code was introduced; it included the five digits of the ZIP Code, followed by a hyphen and four digits that designated a more specific location.

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